Jewish Learning Together

“This active learning style supports me to discuss and learn at a deeper level than when I am just listening to a lecture. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and empowering. This has become something I look forward to each month.”
— Michelle Motlowitz

CLICK HERE to email us for information about the date and time of the next JLT session or if you have any questions.

CTN is proud to partner with Midwest Center for Jewish Learning to bring you this unique opportunity to explore Jewish tradition and Jewish texts no matter what your Jewish studies background.

Instead of a class, you spend an hour with a one on one study partner. You discuss, share ideas, and discover a whole world of exciting and relevant Jewish thought.


EMAIL US and we’ll arrange for a study partner for you.

Or, if you’d rather a small group, we have that too!

Here’s what some other past CTN participants had to say about it:

“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed last night and that I am looking forward to continuing. I enjoyed meeting with and learning from Shana. I think it is a good match and will grow into a great match.”
— Shari Viner

“I really enjoyed it! When I understand the why and it makes sense then it becomes more important to me. I really also loved working with Robin. She’s awesome!”
— Debbie Silver

“Thank you for your skilled matchmaking! Olga is a charming young woman, it was truly a pleasure to meet her and we are hoping to study together again at the next event.”
— Julia Estrin