Increase Your JQ!

There’s so much to learn and so little time. We get it!  That’s why we created JQ. A one hour a week Jewish learning opportunity that will dramatically increase your JQ.

Dealing with everything from  Jewish insights into real life challenges to what we believe and why, and so much more, JQ has something for everyone.  And each week is a stand alone session, so come as often as you like.

The format isn’t classroomy and preachy, it’s easy and warm – but powerful!  It’s very interactive and led by Doni & Esti  Deutsch, JQ is guaranteed to help you become a more informed and inspired Jew.

Oh, and did we mention the sushi, wine and refreshments? And that JQ is free of charge? And super conveniently located?

JQ is open to both men and women and begins at 7:30 pm.  Please take a look at the upcoming schedule below. 

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Coming Up:

Jan 16 – 7:30 pm: “Shabbat – An Island in Time”

Explore some of the how, what and why of Shabbat and discover how it so much more than simply a “day of rest”.

Together we will explore ideas and strategies about how to bring more of Shabbat into our homes and into our and our family’s lives. You’ll go home with a new and deeper understanding of Judaism’s 3300 year old tool to enhance our lives seven days a week!

JAN 23 – 7:30 pm: “Forgiveness – To Give and to Get”

Relationships are tricky … and sometimes, even in the best of them, there is work to do. That’s true between man and man, man and G-d … and even man and himself.

Explore some of Judaism’s powerful teachings about granting and receiving forgiveness and go home with some practical tools to make every relationship you have so much better!

JAN 30 – 7:30 pm: “Kosher – You are What You Eat”

In this fun and fact filled discussion we will explore some of the why, why and how of “keeping kosher”.

From the mystical and spiritual to the very practical, this session will help you gain a deeper understanding of one of Judaism’s most important rituals and what it might mean in your life.