“Through the teachings of the CTN Rabbis and the friendships of the CTN family, our family has been able to acquire an authentic understanding of our tradition. And through this understanding, our lives have become richer and more meaningful. Thank you for opening our minds and our hearts to our own tradition.”

– Robin Katz
Highland Park / Ranana, Israel

“The Rabbis at CTN do an amazing job of demonstrating the beauty and richness of Judaism. They provide me and many others with the opportunity to incorporate Torah study and growth into my week at my own pace. CTN has truly been a wonderful addition to my life.”

– Jonathan Rutman

“I have an incredibly hectic job as a Chief Financial Officer for a multi-division company. My study session with Rabbi Deutsch is a great spiritual renewal in the middle of my week and helps me keep focus on what is truly important.”

– Norman Smagley

“My commitment to Israel and efforts on behalf of Jewish causes has dramatically increased since I began to learn more about Torah and Jewish tradition with CTN and its wonderful Rabbis. CTN has had a tremendous impact on my and my family’s life.”

– Maurice Sanderman
Board Member, Friends of IDF

“As an attorney I was fortunate enough to brief and argue before the U.S. Supreme Court. However, that was eclipsed by my completing a major section of Talmud with the help of a study partner supplied by CTN. CTN has made my life richer in every way.”

– Mort Friedman
Attorney at Law

“Chicago Torah Network has become a major force for the better in my life. Among the dozens of different approaches I have been exposed to, by concerned Jews anxious to improve Jewish education, CTN ranks among the best.”

– John C. Colman
Former President, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

“CTN has created a really warm and welcoming environment that has made such a difference in my life. It has allowed me – and many other young professionals – to grow in my Jewish identity and Jewish knowledge at a pace that is right for me. If you’re looking for Jewish learning and inspiration, CTN is definitely the place to go!”

– Stephanie Olsen Fox
Management and Technology Consultant, Chicago

“CTN is such a beautiful part of our lives and got us back on track with Judaism. CTN is so non-judgmental and they take you exactly as you are ? wherever you are. It’s just a place where people can feel comfortable and safe and understood at whatever stage they’re in. No-one has to feel like ‘I don’t know enough’ or ‘I can’t ask that’.”

– Andrea Allouche
Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

“Chicago Torah Network is a really great way to learn about Judaism, no matter what your level of learning is.”

– Lydia Gross Kamerlink
Attorney, Kamerlink, Stark, McCormack & Powers LLC

“While both come from a religious background, Rabbi Deutsch and Rabbi Katz really make an effort to try to connect to everyone. At CTN, people are always reaching out to you and offering support every step of the way. Classes and holiday services are always on a level that is inclusive as well as inspirational.”

– Ilana Schiffman M.D.
Toronto, Ontario

“As a social worker, it is always my goal in working with children to “meet the client where s/he’s at.” ?It’s a great philosophy, and should apply to all of us ? in all our relationships! One of the greatest strengths of CTN is its rabbis’ and rebbetzins’ ability to incorporate this approach ? one of unconditional acceptance ? in relating to and sharing with its participants. Thank you Rabbis Katz and Deutsch, Esti and Bracha for helping me allow more and more meaningful yiddishkeit into my life, and thereby, into my family.”

– Julia Singer
School Social Worker, Chicago Public Schools

“Beginning from my days living in Aurora as a secular, unaffiliated and mostly uninterested Jew ? through my days studying in Israel to become a Rabbi – to my life as a husband and father, CTN has been a tremendous influence and source of support throughout everything.”

– Rabbi Yitzchak Lurie
Me’or Campus Rabbi, Northwestern University, Evanston

“By being consistent and genuine, the CTN Rabbis epitomize what it means to be Jewish … We’re all very blessed to have Rabbis of this caliber invested in our communities, and in our lives.”

– Noach Bransky
Jerusalem, Israel

“We moved to Chicago from Costa Rica and CTN has been like having a family here. CTN helps you connect with Judaism and with Jews like you ? they just help you enjoy being Jewish!”

– Becky Morhaim Weisleder
Stay at Home Mom

“Much of who we are today – personally, our family life, our kid’s education, our community – is a direct result of CTN and the fantastic Deutsch and Katz families. Thank you to CTN for being there for us!”

– Jeff and Helena Cohen
Chicago, IL

“Thank you Chicago Torah Network for helping me return to my Jewish heritage. I have definitely been a Wondering, if not Wandering Jew for quite some time. CTN has helped, and continues to help me retrieve my Jewish identity through very meaningful discussions and lectures and always receiving me as a friend.”

– David Crane
Chicagoland Endodontics, Ltd.

“Although my address has changed to the other side of the globe, my heart is still very firmly planted in Chicago with the CTN family. Everything I have all stems from their profound investment in my life.”

– Gershon Burd
Executive Director, Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah, Jerusalem

“Thank you CTN for all of your time, energy, Torah knowledge and insight that you have shared with me over the years. You have helped shape the course of my life and have made an indelible impression on me and, as a result, on my family.”

– Robin Loeb
Stay at Home Mom

“Thank you Chicago Torah Network for being such an essential part of my reconnection with Judaism. Whether it was your High Holiday Services, Shabbat dinners or Torah study sessions for like-minded young Jewish professionals, CTN has provided a nurturing environment in which I have been able to learn and grow. CTN events have been very eye opening for me and have introduced me to the beauty, spirituality and intellect of Judaism.”

– Jonathan Erlich, MD
University of Chicago

“I moved back to Chicago after graduate school, and was hungry to learn more about my Jewish roots. Not only did CTN provide opportunities to grow and learn from teachers in a warm, supportive environment, but it also provided a sacred space to meet friends. I encourage anybody who has merited coming into contact with CTN to get involved in this life-changing organization.”

– Sharon Ganger

“As I look back on my journey toward Torah, I remember the smiles and conversations, the insights and connections, and the spirit that is CTN. Thanks for all you have done for me and my family.”

– Katie Peine
Stay at Home Mom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“We both remember our first Shabbat – and it was with the CTN Rabbis. Now, almost 20 years later, we are living as observant Jews in Eretz Yisroel. Our lives have changed forever and it is due to your commitment and caring for all Jews.”

– Jeff and Jamie Wilens

“I got to know Rabbi Katz and Rabbi Deutsch and their families from my then fiance David, while we were planning our wedding. And it didn’t take long for me to realize why David was such a huge fan. Our wedding was amazing and today, nearly 12 years later? I’m still me, only better, I think. CTN didn’t change my lifestyle. But it changed something inside of me. I’m enhanced, moved, motivated and inspired. Every day. So, from the bottom of my heart – Thank you!”

– Susie Steinberg Axelbaum
Creative Talent Scout,
DDB Chicago

“CTN is a very warm place where you can learn about yourself and your place in the world. These warm teachers and leaders continuously strive to bring knowledge of our Jewish heritage, learning and tradition to those thirsting for it. Everyone whom I’ve met at CTN has been truly fantastic – I have become friends with many and these friendships will last a lifetime. It’s a wonderful, warm, and stimulating place to meet people!!”

– Marina Tsed
Organizational Behavior Consultant

“CTN’s approach is easy – you don’t have to feel like you’re different because you don’t have the background or knowledge. They combine the welcoming-come-as-you-can attitude, with helping people find themselves. They are welcoming, open, and non-threatening and at the same time provide in a nice comfortable fashion the opportunity to really learn more about your background. On many levels CTN is very, very important for the future of the Jewish community.”

– Bob Mednick
Senior Vice Chairman of the Board, Roosevelt University, Chicago

“What I really love about CTN is their love for every Jew no matter where they’re coming from. CTN allows you to experience Judaism on a step by step basis – just where you are and what you’re ready for. Through CTN I learned that in Judaism as in life, “membership has its privileges” – CTN allows people to “activate their Jewish membership” and experience a better community and a better world.”

– David Limond
Freelance Senior Copywriter,
Passaic, NJ