Spa Day 2017 – Wow!


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“What impacted me most is CTN’s passion for educating, welcoming, and doing outreach to all different types of people/Jews/women in the community. I have such admiration for all of you!
— Limore Zilberman

“I love Spa Day! I have no idea how you keep finding such amazing speakers! The whole experience is very well run and thought out.Thank you!”
— Stephanie Hofman

“I just feel so happy. I love this day. I am leaving feeling inspired and full of many positive feelings and ideas. I needed this! The food was delicious, the speakers were outstanding and the performance at the end was incredible. So much talent!”
— Susie Sokol

“What a dynamic generation of young fashionable women on this lovely path. Your program is the best learning experience of the year for me and I feel blessed and delighted to be here.”
— Jennipher Smith

“I had an amazing time at Spa Day. It was so inspirational to me as well as very spiritual. I was very impacted by Yaffa’s talk on how we control the way we react to situations. Very inspirational.”
— Laura Miller

“The thing that impacted me most was seeing all the relationships formed from this organization. Excellent speakers!”
— Laura K. Sanders MD

“Tatum Stern was really informative. The session on #YOLO is a great blueprint for joyful living!”
— Joyce Sacks

“Yaffa Palti was very fun to listen to. :)”
— Debbie Shelist

“Jackie’s keynote was powerful and humorous. Thank you very much for putting this day together for the community! Much appreciation.”
— Melissa Hart

“The idea that Jackie shared about my choice to stay in the world of connection is one of the important messages I am taking home with me. All of the presenters brought the information they shared with us from the heart and that is an incredible energy mixed with the energy of all the Jewish women here today! Such a blessing.”
— Laurie Longfield

“Yaffa Palti was amazing! A huge thank you to all who took the time away from their families and daily lives to organize this fulfilling and memorable event!”
— Tatyana Medovaya

“I enjoyed the discussions about connectivity. It resonated with me. I also enjoyed the discussion about getting out of the comfort zone and being present. Everything was well planned out and all the speakers were interesting.”
— Tracy Hovis

“I was greatly impressed by the passionate/empowered women presenters. I hope that I will be able to make it every year going forward –it really makes a lasting effect on this one particular Jewish woman ;)”
— Julia E.

“I liked Jackie’s story about how she found Judaism and her discussion on finding core identity and being a giver. Yaffa’s discussion on change made me think about my life a lot and about the changes I want to make.”
— Cindy Harfield

“Yaffa had a captivating aura. I could relate to her story. I found this day to be very organized. I felt very comfortable and welcome.”
— Simona Bareket

“My favorite session was the one Help your Body Work Better for You given by Tatum Stern! She helped me to understand how to stay healthy.”
— Anna Horwitz

“I loved Jackie Engel’s humor, candidness, and content. I loved all of the speakers. I walked out of each session with information that I can use immediately.”
— Ally Schwarz

Dear Friends –

Wow! What a day! So much energy, unity, passion and talent – and so much growth!

And so many thank you’s to make!

First and foremost, thank you, thank you, thank you to Cheryl & Bruce Leon for your vision, your encouragement and your financial support to help make Spa Day a reality! It is such a meaningful tribute to your mother z”l – especially with your daughters now being involved – and it is an honor for us at CTN to play a role in perpetuating her memory.

To Sharon Schwartz, Stacy Spielman, Laura Marder, Robin Loeb, Aliza Polstein, Mashi Polstein and Tsiona Adler, thank you again for your dedication and all your hard work. It is a privilege to work with you!

Special thanks to Jackie Engel and Yaffa Berger Palti for your powerful keynote talks, and Mara Tesler Stein, Tatum Stern and Faith Newman for your awesome breakout sessions.

Thank you as well to the very talented performers and to the choir and dance heads, as well as to our many wonderful volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And finally, thank you to the 250 Spa Day 2017 participants from across the community. Your enthusiasm and commitment to growth is awesome and inspiring!

We can’t wait till next year!

To listen to mp3 recordings of the Spa Day 2017 sessions, CLICK HERE .