Spa Day 2023 – Program Schedule

9:00 am – Keynote Address: From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones ~ Tamar Livingstone

Whether you are facing the demands of daily life or a significant life challenge, learn the secret of transforming life’s struggles into strength, to help you become all that you can be.

10:30 am – Workshop I (Choose one)

1. The Power of the Feminine Soul ~ Michal Cohen

Explore this unique and thought-provoking paradigm about ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ cosmic forces and learn to utilize your inherent energy in a way that will enhance every aspect of your Judaism and your life.

2. G-d Speaks all 5 Love Languages ~ Aliza Rosenbaum

Discover how G-d speaks your preferred love language – and how you can reciprocate! Using this popular tool combined with timeless Torah wisdom, you can develop and deepen a personal and loving relationship with G-d.

11:30 am – Lunch and Keynote Address:

Finding G-d in Hawaii ~ Allison Josephs – “A Jew in the City”

Life is filled with unanswered questions, and it is the courage to find the answers that gives life meaning. A traumatic event in her childhood led Allison to a search for meaning and to life-changing answers. Her personal story and her far-reaching accomplishments will inspire our own path to personal actualization.

1:30 pm – Workshop II (Choose one)

1. A Woman Who Dared ~ Pam Cohen

Pam Cohen led a grassroots movement that waged a brave, 25 year battle that ultimately resulted in 2 million Jews being freed from the former Soviet Union. Her amazing story is about the potential of one individual to make a huge difference. It will ignite your Jewish passion and identity – and it can change your life.

2. Deepen the Connection ~ Tamar Livingstone

Our relationships can bring us the greatest pleasure or be our greatest source of pain. Learn the tools for building fulfilling emotional intimacy, and experience the joy of the relationships that matter most in your life.

3. You’re More Than What You Eat! ~ Basya Kovacs

Learn 6 healthy mindsets and successful strategies for self care and balanced eating that go way beyond numbers on a scale, and that will lead you to meaningful and lasting results.

Conference Wrap Up – Take Home Messages ~ Esti Deutsch

Making the Inspiration Last … Where Do We Go From Here?