MP3 Recordings for Spa Day 2018


You may need to have an app like “Music Player for Google Drive” connected to your Google Drive to listen without downloading.

1. Keynote Address 1: The Kabbalah of Time – Work Smarter Not Harder ~ Rivka Caroline
Make time for what truly counts. Learn from ancient Chassidic teachings and modern academic research, combined with practical time management tips, so we can all work smarter not harder.
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2. Keynote Address 2: Ask Rebbetzin Feige ~ Rebbetzin Feige Twerski
A unique opportunity to hear insights from one of our greatest Jewish resources on topics that we can all relate to – wherever we are in our own lives.
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3. Me & My Self: Taking Care of Yourself – Inside and Out ~ Rachel Zimmerman, LCPC
Using cognitive behavioral techniques, learn healthy habits to revolutionize your attitude about health, and how to balance love of your body with healthily taking care of yourself.
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4. Me & My Children: Parenting Without Perfection ~ Danielle Dragon, Psy.D.
Unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our children often derails us. Discover what holds us back and the tools that will move us forward to being the parents we want to be.
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5. Me & My Life: A Survivors Message ~ Anne Maryles
Hear a hidden child of the Holocaust tell her miraculous story and her message of how vital it is that we all share our stories, traditions, and the beauty of Judaism with each other and the generations to come.
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6. Finding Serenity, Joy, and Purpose Amidst the Turmoil ~ Rebbetzin Feige Twerski
Life can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Gain practical wisdom and tools to help you integrate spiritual, psychological, and religious truths and create a happier you.
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7. The Alef Bet of Successful Relationships ~ Rivka Caroline
Learn simple steps from the organizing expert – to create wholesome healthy connections with your inner circle. Make the complicated simple and apply it to our most precious commodity … our relationships.
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