Women’s Spiritual Growth Zoom Conference Call with Esti

Add a touch of inspiration, insight and meaning right into the middle of your busy your week!  

Each Tuesday evening, women of all ages and backgrounds spend 15-30 minutes on a Spiritual Growth Conference call led by Esti Deutsch, that participants describe as the highlight of their week. 

First, Esti shares 15 minutes of  Jewish insights into an amazing variety of topics that are so important to our lives. Following that, the floor is open to anyone else on the call who would like to share, ask questions etc.   Just want to listen quietly? That’s perfectly fine too!

Recent topics include everything “6 Steps to Great Relationships” and “Grappling with Gossip”  to “Cremation – an Eternal Decision” and “Reigniting My Relationship with G-d” and so much more.

For more information about the Conference Call please email us