Partners Chicago: Torah Wisdom … Jewish Unity

CTN is proud to present Partners Chicago, a unique learning and growth opportunity for Jewish men and women of all backgrounds.

At Partners you the opportunity to explore Jewish tradition and Jewish texts no matter what your Jewish studies background.  Instead of a class, you spend an hour with a carefully chosen one on one study partner. You discuss, share ideas, and discover a whole world of exciting and relevant Jewish thought.

Or, if you’d rather a small group, we have that too!

Partners meets weekly at 4341 Golf Road in Skokie, conveniently located just off of the Edens. Try it. It may very well become the highlight of your week! Schedule doesn’t allow for every week? No problem … come as often as you can.

Here’s what some other CTN participants say about their one-on-one Torah study experiences with CTN:

“I really enjoyed it! When I understand the why and it makes sense then it becomes more important to me. I really also loved working with Robin. She’s awesome!”
— Debbie Silver

“Thank you for your skilled matchmaking! Olga is a charming young woman, it was truly a pleasure to meet her and we are hoping to study together again at the next event.”
— Julia Estrin