The Secret to Great Relationships

On Saturday evening, February 22, you are invited to take your relationship to a whole new level!

This special, fun event at the Northbrook Hilton is for both men and women, couples and singles, and will feature wisdom and insight on “The Secret to Great Relationships”, by popular and inspiring motivational speaker,


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From Brooklyn to Israel to Mexico City to San Diego and now Miami, Yaffa Palti has been actively involved in community building, teaching and inspiring thousands of women across the US and around the world for many years.

As a speaker she lectures on many diverse topics, and each of her talks is insightful, enlightening and filled with humor. Participants describe her classes and lectures as inspirational, motivational and transformational.

In addition, she is a singer/songwriter who often blends together her lectures and melodies, as well as a certified substance abuse professional. Yaffa currently lives with her husband and five adorable children in Miami, Florida.

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